Osteopathy For Preschool & Primary School Children

Family Osteopathy For Your Children

Supporting you and your family as they grow

At our family osteopathy clinic we are dedicated to helping support young children and their parents. We offer osteopathy for children of all ages for musculoskeletal and neurological care, postural issues, and movement and coordination concerns. 

We work with children needing rehabilitation after injury or post-surgery. We also work with children with long term health conditions, physical disabilities, growth and movement issues.

Did You Know?

In addition to 5+ years of study, our team undergoes thousands of hours of educational courses, skills training and we apply our experience as mothers.

57,438 osteopathic treatments

35 years combined experience

100% commitment & support

41,491 happy children

36,391 new parents

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What We're Looking For

Our Osteopaths examine movement, coordination, growth and musculoskeletal development issues specific to a child’s age or stage. This may include an assessment of muscle, joint, tendon and nerve injuries occurring in sporting activities.

Osteopaths also consider factors in a child’s life and broader health that might impact the child’s condition. We align you and your family as their bodies grow and change.

Osteopathy For Children

We offer a range of clinical services to manage conditions, such as common issues associated with physical activities and sports.

This may include appropriate manual therapy treatments, education on movement and activities for maintaining or growing physical skills, and advice on exercise programs and rehabilitation.

You can learn more about educating your child about osteopathy here

We Work With Other Professionals

To ensure you and your child get the care you deserve, we work in association with other health professionals, including general practitioners, paediatricians, paediatric physiotherapists, podiatrists, dieticians, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and child psychologists. This may include referrals to other health professionals in helping support children and their families.

Dr Emily Jones Osteopath Registered Advanced Paediatric Osteopath (Tertiary) With Osteopathy Australia
Dr Emily Jones Osteopath Registered IBCLC
Dr Emily Jones Osteopath Registered Advanced Paediatric Osteopath (Tertiary) With AHPRA
Dr Emily Jones Osteopath Registered Advanced Paediatric Osteopath (Tertiary) With AHPRA

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