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Osteopathy and Lactation Support Appointments Available

At Align & Nurture we offer paediatric osteopathy for babies and children of all ages, perinatal osteopathy for women during pregnancy and at any stage pre and postnatal, and lactation support for breast and bottle feeding challenges. We have two clinic locations across the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne. 

Pre-booking questions

It is important that you and/ or your child feels comfortable, so we recommend wearing a loose shirt or t-shirt, and loose pants or shorts, or bring loose clothes with you to change into at the appointment. Your osteopath will need to observe the area of concern, so we may ask them to remove some clothing for the examination and treatment.

For babies and young children, please bring a nappy bag and a spare change of clothes.

Eltham clinic – Parking is available in the surrounding Eltham shopping precinct. Inspectors frequent the area so make sure you find a parking space with sufficient time.

Doreen clinic – Onsite parking is available at both the front and rear of the building. 

As we are a family-centred clinic, you are welcome to bring other family members or children with you to the appointment as needed. 

However, please note that our COVID-19 policy and procedure limits anyone attending the clinic (including babies and children) if they are unwell or displaying signs and symptoms of infection. 

The initial consultation will take approximately 60 minutes to complete. This will enable your osteopath to take a thorough history, to examine your child and depending upon their condition, to treat them. Follow-up treatments are shorter, and will take approximately 30 minutes.

For infant feeding issues, the initial consultation will take up to 90 minutes to complete, and may includes osteopathy in addition to lactation support. If a follow-up appointment for infant feeding is required, this may require 45 to 60 minutes.