Osteopath Treatment for Baby Development and Feeding Issues

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What’s up? Tits Up!

This very Aussie phrase, ‘tits up’ is a reference to when things go down hill, our hopes and expectations take an unexpected turn, or things just plain do not work out.

Pinky McKay’s Podcast ‘Tits Up’ embraces this concept, helping Australian Mothers to hone their resilience, creativity and ways about coping with difficult experiences through drawing from experts in the field of lactation.

I was lucky enough to be a guest on the most recent episode. Listen here.

In this podcast I include some very raw and honest experiences in my own parenting life, plus what I’ve learned through my practice as an Advanced Paediatric Osteopath and IBCLC with 15 years of clinical experience.

In this episode we unravel:

  • Habits during infancy
  • Babies developmental signs
  • Birth strain
  • The role of tummy time
  • Osteopathy, breastfeeding and more!


What happens if your breastfeeding plan goes pear-shaped?

You can have all the plans in the world but you can’t always control the outcome.

There is so much reward in helping parent through challenging times, I understand them because I’ve been there.

I know that it can feel like a downward spiral when things aren’t working as we planned, like birth and breastfeeding for some.

It’s a real journey of grief, of letting go and learning new things.

“In our work with babies and parents at the clinic, we come together to support a babies development. We understand how challenging infant feeding issues can be and we are here to help support you and your baby through your own unique journey.

When there is something occurring that is outside of the ‘normal’ range we can often pick it up, provide treatment through our various options, refer you to the right person, or take a team approach to get to the bottom of things.

Starting from the newborn stage we often begin by supporting babies to enjoy tummy time in order to:

  • Build postural stability
  • Improve neck, jaw and tongue strength
  • Create a good foundation for other developmental milestones to follow

At Align and Nurture we work through all milestones, whether it’s rolling, crawling or walking.

Do not fear, there often is something we can do to help get your baby progressing forward!

Would you like to find out more about helping your baby enjoy tummy time? Click here for further reading. 

We’re here to help support and nurture you and your family as you align and grow. 

Emily Jones, Advanced Paediatric Osteopath, IBCLC and owner at Align & Nurture


The aim of the blog is to help educate parents from a non-judgmental place and offering suggestions based on my own clinical and personal experience. Every family has individual needs, these are general recommendations. Always seek advice from a medical professional.